Pine Meadow Ranches

A great place to live

   Welcome to my little corner of New Mexico!


Pine Meadow Ranches

 Over 30 years ago, PMR's was one big ranch in Valencia County.  The decision was made to divide the ranch up into smaller pieces and sell lots as recreational property with the option of living there full time.

 Several years later, Valencia County was divided into two counties and the ranch was then in Cibola County with the county seat in Grants, NM.

 From my driveway to Grants is about 62 miles, while it is about 75 miles to Gallup and it's about 130 miles to Albuquerque.  These towns make up the 3 major shopping centers.  

Pine  Hill is the nearest village.  It is the Indian Culture Center where they have a store with a gas station, a laundry mat, a credit union that is opened 3 days a week, a school for Indian children (white children may have to go to Ramah), a dump station for garbage, a radio station that plays both English & Navajo, a medical clinic & dental Clinics that will take outsiders and a post office where you can get a free postal box because there is no mail delivery in the PMR's area.  The village is about 17 miles from my doorstep.

Ramah (a Mormon town) is about 25 miles from PMR's.   You can get gas, milk & eggs at a small gas station, there is one place where you can eat, a post office, a school and a place to get your vehicle fixed.  It also has a small lake where people can go fishing.

PMR's is made up of 4 units.  People owning land in units 3 & 4 pay assessments to the POA for road upkeep, based on how many acres they own.  To get maps of the ranch, call the Cibola County Assessors Office, in Grants, at 505-285-2526. Also you can call the Cibola County Clerk's office to get a copy of the C & R's for unit's 3 & 4 at 505-285-2535.  The Board my be able to get you a copy of the By-Laws.

 If you want to spend much time on the Ranch, a 4-wheel drive vehicle is a must.  There is no snow removal on most of the roads in the winter and the roads can be a real mess after a hard rain in the summer. Sometimes they are not drive-able for days on end.

There are no phone lines on the ranch and few places where cell phones work.  The only way my Verizon cell phone would work is when it was plugged into an outside antenna at the house.  Although I could walk up the driveway and make my Verizon cell calls without the antenna.

 Some people are lucky and live close to an electric line, while others may never have electric lines to their place.  Some use generators and others use solar.

 Most people haul their water.  If you  have a place by the main gate, you might drill a well and get water at 200' while up where I live, we drilled over 700' for our well.  Our neighbors had to go over 800' to get their water.  There is a well on the ranch where members can get water.

Hope to see you here.


Every one is welcome at Pine Meadow Ranches!