Pine Meadow Ranches

A great place to live

Everyone is welcome at Pine Meadow Ranches

Pine Meadow Ranches is made up of 4 units with many 2 1/2 to 5 acre lots.  It is surrounded by the Ramah Navajo Reservation,  Federal,  State and    El-Morro National Monument in Central Western New Mexico off hwy 53.

Parts of the Ranch are grazing land while other lots have cedar & pinon pine trees covering them.

These parcels are part of an old 400 acre cattle ranch.  

The Ranch has a Board that collects the assessments for the road upkeep and a QCC that sees to the work.

Once a year the POA has a meeting open to all the members in good standing (assessments are paid up) and new board members are elected.  Concerns are also brought up and if needed, the way things will be handled is voted on.

The Board of Directors & the QCC can be reached by e-mail at

mailing:  PMRPOA - Box 201  7200 Montgomory Blvd
               Albuquerque, NM 87109

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